Kids Movies, to enjoy with the family

The cinema best kids’ movies is always a good option to entertain the little ones in the house. There are many movies for kids that we can also enjoy as adults.

There is a lot of cinema dedicated to the children’s world. The usual thing is to think of animated films since also in recent years it has had a great boom and its quality has improved with the incorporation of special effects. There are very new titles but also, for the smallest of the house, there are classics in the cinema that are films that are seen again years later and take us back to those moments of childhood happiness.

Through movies we can project values, situations, teach, educate and entertain. So the only thing left for you is to choose a movie, prepare a good package of popcorn and enjoy the cinema at home.

The best movies for Kids

There are many titles on the market, the hard part is choosing a good movie for a given moment. Here we are going to leave you a series of movie recommendations to make it easier for you when choosing between so many titles. Save the address so you can get to the point for your next election.

Raya and the last dragon

This film is the latest animated film released by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is a guarantee of quality and a call to make Raya another emblematic character in the Disney saga .

A fantastic world is recreated in which humans and dragons coexisted without problems long ago and with the arrival of evil, the dragons sacrificed themselves for the human species. Now Raya, who is a lone warrior, has to find the last dragon to reunite both species.

In an hour and a half, Disney repeats its formula for success: relatable characters, meticulous graphics, an attractive soundtrack, and messages with morals.

It is a film that is also attractive for adults, especially for collectors. The film production company already has 59 classic titles in its catalog with “Raya and the Last Dragon”.

The Lion King (2011)

It is one of the modern classics of the Disney production company. In addition, its adaptation to the musical format has made its name not lose validity and has extended its projection, when it will almost be 30 years since its premiere.

This 2011 edition has been improved over the initial 1994 edition. The images have been remastered, adapted to new technologies, their color and texture have been improved, also the sound quality has been updated.

It is the ideal film if the little ones are also animal lovers. You will never see a lion as just a lion again. They will see him as Simba.

In addition, the philosophy of this Disney film leads us to a reality that must be taught from an early age and that is often difficult to talk about life and death, to talk about the great “cycle of life”. It can be a good way to start discussing these topics with your children.

And if there are doubts about why to choose this film, remember that in 1994 it won an Oscar from the Film Academy for best original soundtrack and best original song.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2011)

This film is out of the classic that we have preconceived for children. Tim Burton has brought his peculiar universe of cinema to children’s audiences and has done so successfully. Tim Burton brought the literary success of this title to the big screen. The book alone sold more than three million copies, a fact to realize how it attracted many young people from all over the world.

The film stars familiar faces from the cinema such as Eva Green and Samuel L. Jackson among others.

Again in the cinema, a complicated topic is discussed to talk about with the little ones, such as the loss of a loved one. In this film, a 16-year-old boy faces the death of his grandfather and travels through Wales. He finds a house where exceptional children lived, including his grandfather. From there endless adventures.

This film would be recommended for young people, for not so young. Burton’s storytelling needs them to have a better understanding of what a 12- to 15-year-old film would be.

Arlo’s Journey

If we talk about children’s movies, two names come to mind, Disney and Pixar. What many do not know is that Disney and Pixar are the same. That is to say, Pixar is a matrix of the Disney universe, which is characterized by carrying out animation through a computer.

Success in recent years because Pixar films combine the emotion of Disney films but have managed to become classics of cinema with different drawings, also recognized with awards.

Arlo’s Journey is one of the must-see dinosaur movies for kids. Dinosaurs are those creatures that through the world of cinema have sweetened their image and we would all like to adopt one as a pet if it were not for their extinction.

But what if that had never happened? Well, Arlo takes us to that universe. He is a young apatosaurus who shows what his ideal world is like and what his coexistence with the first humans is like, especially with Spot, the human child with whom Arlo plays.

With 3D computer animation, Pixar has achieved very real cartoons of creatures that, although they disappeared millions of years ago, have never lost their interest.

Space Jam: New Legends

What’s new in cinema for the youngest and not so young. A classic of animated cinema that comes with changes and new faces.

Space Jam is a series of movies that mix classic animation with real characters, which is very attractive visually. In addition, the film is developed with basketball as a point of union. This saga made many want to also become fond of the sports practice of basketball.

Its protagonist is a classic from the sports world like LeBron James, he and the classic Looney characters will have multiple adventures that also lead to an emotional part such as improving the bond between parents and children. The Warner universe is complete in this tape.

They are one hour and fifty-one minutes long, in a film not recommended for children under seven years of age.

The Jungle Book (2014)

Another movie you can’t stop watching with the kids. It has everything, adventures, enthusiasm, passion for animals, etc…

This edition is from 2014, Disney remastered the original film and updated it to current audiovisual tastes, thanks to the technologies that have emerged.

Who does not know Mowgli and his journey into the jungle? An unforgettable character who returns to teach what should be the most natural coexistence between human beings. A film in which music plays a fundamental role in this story of friendship in the jungle.

The Jungle Book is a movie for all audiences. It can even be a film for children aged 1 to 2, who, although they do not understand the plot, can be entertained by its characters, its rhythm, its music.

Frozen 2

Frozen is one of Disney’s modern hits. A movie that has a whole world of merchandising around it. Disney did not want to lose the success of the first film released in 2013 and released its sequel. A second part was published in 2019 that continues with the stories of the two sisters Elsa and Anna.

This animated film is suitable for all audiences, in which an attempt has also been made to give the protagonists even more female empowerment. A film that approaches the social reality of today.

If you didn’t see the first one, you don’t have to worry, this is a film with an independent chapter of the two protagonists, yes, in a more mature era.

Mary Poppins Returns

Perhaps with Mary Poppins, it was one of the first times in which the cinema mixed real characters with moments of animation. That happened in 1964 and since then special effects have changed a lot, as can be seen in this new edition.

In this version of 2019, although everything could have changed. The director wanted to keep the original essence. The protagonists grew up and now they are the parents and their children need the magical nanny, played in this case by Emily Blunt.

Disney in this production opted so much for the renewal that the original story was left behind. The one that many who went to the cinema expected to find. This movie for children from 7 to 9 years old can be very entertaining.

Bugs, a miniature adventure

Normally insects, bugs, is something that generates disgust or fear. However, this film can help build confidence in the little ones and help the older ones overcome some traumas with them. It also teaches aspects that are rarely visible to the human eye.

Lovable creatures are what this Pixar children’s cartoon film shows us, lasting an hour and a half. You can have a lot of laughs in this animated film, suitable for all audiences.

It’s not one of Pixar’s best-known films, but it’s enough if you want unpretentious entertainment.


Matilda is a film that has become a children’s classic. It is in these films in which they are real characters that the passage of time is even more noticeable.

The protagonist is an exceptional girl that her parents do not pay much attention to, as they are very busy with their jobs and activities. Matilda is sent to a boarding school and that’s where she gets to discover her magical qualities.

This is a children’s self-improvement movie. The little ones can feel identified with the protagonist. In this case, it is not a cartoon, but it is a girl like them.


Mulan is another of the Disney classics that you have to see at least once in your life . In this film, traditions were opted for in its argument.

For many young people, traditions are something to fight against, however, over the years, certain actions are valued that make them part of a community. About it goes Mulan, a young woman who is forced to disguise herself as a man to replace her father at the head of the Imperial Army.

With this film, you can get your little ones away from the image of princesses, of girls about whom there is overprotection and who do not need it. And if that were not enough, you can also teach some history, since this film is based on events that were real.

How to choose movies for Kids?

After our recommendations, we summarize what aspects you should take into account when selecting children’s movies.

Take a good look at its plot, try to make it a film with which children can believe, learn… and in case you consider that the plot of that film is wrong because as a society we have changed, explain the reasons to your children, put them in a situation so that those approaches made in other times do not survive in the current memory.

The indications of whether it is a film suitable for all audiences or has limitations, keep that in mind. These recommendations are made based on a series of criteria, so it can be a good guide to choose one title over another.

And you can also choose to choose a movie taking into account the time in which you are going to see it. It can be very attractive, for example, on Halloween to watch Halloween movies for children, that way they can take what is happening around them to the cinema, just as at Christmas it is a good idea to watch Santa Claus movies for children.

Best movies for children. Family cinema. Most complete list 2020.

Fortunately, more and more movies designed for a large family audience are being released. As taste is in variety, we have made a great selection of 100 films for children and adults. All of them are perfect for parents and children to meet in front of the screen, a bowl of popcorn in hand, on a Saturday afternoon. We know that many are missing, but you will love the ones that are.

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