Best Family Movies All Time

What attracted you the most as Family children and what attracts you now from those family films of always and that you will see together again? Find out with these essential titles of family cinema, from ‘ET, the extraterrestrial’ to ‘Jumanji’.

  • We review a good handful of absolute classics in the history of cinema that you surely enjoyed when you were little and now it is time for you to teach your children.
  • The list includes such iconic films as ‘The Rookie Witch,’ ‘The Goonies,’ and ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.’
  • The best Christmas movies of all time (perfect to watch with kids)
  • The best animated Disney movies

The classics are called classics for a reason, and it is because they survive over time, forming part of the lives of several generations no matter how many remakes are produced. Below we make a selection of 30 family films prior to the new millennium with which many of us have grown up and that we should now share with our children, who little by little put aside children’s films and demand a greater dose of action and adrenaline.

The Addams Family

We highlight what we liked the most when we were kids and what we value now about each one of them, with movies like ‘ET, the extraterrestrial’, ‘Jumanji’ and ‘The Addams Family.

This mission of revisiting iconic films with the smallest of the house is at the very basis of ‘De Blancanieves a Kurosawa’ by Javier Ocaña, one of the best film books to give away this Christmas and in which the film critic teaches us how to watch the cinema with renewed energy with our children. We transfer that same spirit to this list, for example with ‘The Princess Bride’, a film that has everything: romance, action, fantasy…

What will the children like? The charm of medieval tales of princesses and princes, sword fights and wicked witches, with that air of a classic fairy tale accompanied by great scenes.

What will we appreciate when we see it for the umpteenth time? The way it encourages children to read, and how amazing it is that it hasn’t lost an iota of emotion and charm, whether it’s the story of epic romances and battles within the book or the precious relationship between a grandfather and her grandson. Here we leave you the complete list!

In many houses, there are ‘theme nights’: games, pizza, costumes and the one that everyone likes the most… movie night! This may not be your case because your child is one of those who get tired after 10 minutes and starts playing other things. But that has an easy solution.

Who has chosen the movie?

Perhaps, if it was you, the synopsis is not the one they like the most. Sometimes choosing a movie becomes as complicated a task as finding the most original name for your little one.

Therefore, it is important to look for alternatives in order to reach an agreement. The best thing is to propose that one day they choose and the older ones another. Another ‘trick’ that never fails is to create an atmosphere: prepare some popcorn, lower the blinds and take a seat on the sofa.

If you see that your child is starting to get bored, it is best to ask him, maybe he does not understand something of what you are seeing. It is best to stop, ask, explain and continue because if it is not done at the moment, he will not pay attention again.

Silly box

The debate about whether children should watch television from an early age is one of the most heated since parenting began. There are those who consider it as a tool so that, from babies, they learn shapes, colors… and receive stimulation and others who see it as a ‘silly box’ where we ‘park’ the children so that they let the adults do other things. In this sense, there are experts who recommend that children not watch television before the age of seven.

However, we believe that there is a way for children to watch television productively and that is by sharing this time with the family. Watching movies appropriate for their age, including their favorite horror movies, in the company of fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, cousins, brothers… learning values ​​and enjoying unrepeatable hours of leisure.

Thus, we wanted to select some of the best films for children aged 4 and over from the existing platforms in Spain to share with the family. Recent titles, titles a few years old, to spend some time, suitable for adults and children and to be able to enjoy more time in the company of everyone.

Good Films for Family

From eighties titles that never go out of style to animation classics that we never get tired of watching, going through movies that put us in a good mood, romantic, apocalyptic, and science fiction…. this is the selection of 30 movies to share with all members of the household. Good films for the whole family, to learn values, discover other types of filmmaking and drawings with strokes out of the ordinary, and not to ‘idiotize’ ourselves. Hit play with pleasure!

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the great names in the animation of recent times. His responsibility includes titles such as the Oscar-winning ‘Spirited Away’, ‘The Wind Rises’ or ‘Ponyo on the Cliff’. One of his first works of international success was the magnificent ‘My neighbor Totoro’, in which we are told the story of two little sisters who move with their father to a new house while their mother remains hospitalized, sick, in a hospital.

The little sisters will meet Totoro

The little sisters will meet Totoro, a strange forest spirit only visible to children. The film is as delicious as it is entertaining, tender and with the ability to give a lot of hope and well-being to those who watch it.

‘Casper The Friendly Ghost’ is the title of the original 1939 comic that, in 1945, was turned into a cartoon and, 50 years later, into a movie, achieving brutal success and assuming the great premiere of Christina Ricci.

It tells the story of Dr. Harvey (Bill Pullman, a very popular actor in the 90s) and his daughter Kat, who are hired to kick a group of ghosts out of a mansion. One of them is the friendly Casper, who will befriend the young woman.

Funny adaptation Danny DeVito

Funny adaptation by Danny DeVito of the homonymous novel by Roald Dahl, a magnificent story starring Matilda (Mara Wilson), a very alert girl whose intelligence is not valued by her parents. They despise her and don’t even understand why they should send her to school.

However, they do it to ‘get her off their backs’, and Matilda’s contact with the classrooms, Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey will change the family’s lives forever.

Dose of Hayao Miyazaki

Another recommended dose of Hayao Miyazaki, the person in charge of ‘My Neighbor Totoro’, ‘Princess Mononoke’ or ‘Spirited Away’, although perhaps somewhat less known. This 2008 film is an adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’, starring Sosuke, a 5-year-old boy who establishes a very special relationship with a fish princess who wishes to be human. A delicious film with very special characters, not only the protagonists but also the secondary ones, like Lisa, Sosuke’s mother.

Jake Kasdan (‘Sex Tape, Something Happens in the Cloud’ and son of Lawrence Kasdan, the director of, for example, ‘The Accidental Tourist’) knew how to recapture the story of ‘Jumanji’ that Robin Williams starred in 1995 with grace and freshness Updated more than a decade later and with a cast in which ‘The Rock’, Jack Black and Nick Jonas shine with their own light (it sounds like a lie, but he acts well), ‘Jumanji:

Welcome to the Jungle’ offered us a fun second part in which the game that the protagonists get into is an electronic video game and not a board game. The film is highly entertaining (you don’t have to watch the original to catch up), it’s funny, naughty and you have a great time with it.

Best Family Story Movies

The film tells the story of a boy searching for the object that will allow him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To do so, he must uncover the story of the Lorax, a lovable yet moody creature fighting to protect a dying world.

Behind the film are the same authors as ‘Gru: my favorite villain’, but although the film starts well and with enthusiasm, it is true that it is deflated as the footage progresses. In any case, the result is an original film that the whole family likes and from which we still wonder why more films have not been made.

Spain has had some golden years in animation, as has been seen in the 2020 Oscar nomination for ‘Klaus ‘, and we are now seeing the result of many years of work that began with Enrique Gato and his small studio.

In the early 2000s, he made two interesting (and award-winning) shorts about Tadeo Jones that, in 2012, culminated in the company’s second feature film -the first was the international success ‘Planet 51’-, ‘

The Adventures of Tadeo Jones’. As can be deduced, it is an imitation of Indiana Jones but very nice; The film tells the story of a bricklayer fond of archeology who ends up involved in South America in an adventure in search of a fundamental piece of art.

Tintin passes

It is clear that the appeal of the character of Tintin passes from one generation to another and there have been many adaptations of the journalist created by Hergé that have seduced young and old. One of the most recent was carried out, in 2011, by Steven Spielberg, and featured Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig and Andy Serkis in its cast.

In this film, when Tintin walks through the old market together with Snowy, the young journalist discovers and acquires a magnificent model of an old ship, the Unicorn. Shortly after, two characters offer him significant amounts of money for the precious object, but he declines both offers. So later, at his house, the model is stolen. What will have happened?

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