Crime movies have always been popular, and unfortunately, life keeps providing real material to keep making movies about it. It would be hard to invent the terrifying stories behind classics like Martin Scorsese’s One of Us, or dirtier works like the terrifying Wolf Creek ..

In recent years, we have seen how the tagline “based on a true event” has become commonplace when we get Hollywood movies, and not only because these films masterfully mix non-fiction with the tremendous imaginative possibilities of the big screen.

It is a claim that works in the public in an obvious way. In an audiovisual world invaded by content, we have the feeling that we have already seen everything that can be invented. Beyond nostalgic claims, that it brings back the same stories we grew up with or versions of them, the truth is that the new original stories are not usually so, and even less interesting.

Collection of Best Crime Movies Action

In this dilemma, the concept of reality has grown like a few others. In a world in which what happens outside the window seems more absurd than what happens inside the screen, the viewer comes called by the fact of learning about something that actually happened. No, an invented serial killer does not impress the same as another that we know, we may remember, or on the contrary, we discover, he did it in real life.

Of course, fiction penetrates history, distorts and adds, and many times deceives. We should even ask ourselves if it is moral with respect to the victims or their families to turn certain murders into lurid scenes and morbid thrillers that keep the viewer, week after week, with mysteries of the dramatic result.

But there are always creators with pleasure, who pay homage to the victims, who make brutal stories known throughout the world that are more than soap opera pastimes, the faithful reflection and dark memory of the darkest sides of society, of the real world.

If something has the “based on real events” that we like and scares us, it is precisely that, which reminds us that our world is often a place as dark as the one reflected in those works. Also, luckily, many times there are small or big heroes who catch, stop, save, flee, escape, survive.

The best movies of mysterious murders and search for culprits, the “whodunit” or “who did it”

A crime has been committed. Who or what are the culprits? The police, a detective, or some fan will try to solve the case and find the murderer.

The intrigue genre, in which the viewer must find out who is responsible for a crime, has a point of fascination, as their detective observation skills are put to the test. Here we offer the list of the best films of this type, which in English are usually known as “whodunit”, because you have to answer the question “who has done it?”, “Who’s done it?”.

As a culture, we have an undeniable fascination with crime. We like bad guys as much as heroes; inside of us, there is something that sees in the black novel as a point of reference. How far would we be able to go in that world? What decisions would we make?

But something happens when it is not fiction. True crimes often go from gripping to shocking when we see what violent human beings are capable of. This week we wanted to review the long history of fantastic true crime films that have made us reevaluate how we live our lives and what kind of society we are.

Before it was a joke on Seinfeld (“Maybe a dingo ate your baby!”), the famous case of the Chamberlain family’s baby who disappeared while camping was brought to the big screen in the film A Scream in the House. Darkness by Fred Schepisi. Meryl Streep and Sam Neill play Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, a couple who are implicated in the disappearance of their young daughter Azaria.

Surprisingly, they are found guilty – Lindy is sentenced to life in prison and Michael to an 18-month suspended sentence – until new evidence emerges a few years later and their conviction is overturned. A Cry in the Dark triumphs in its terrifying portrayal of the media and how it can truly destroy lives.

Old Crime Movies

Based on the 1993 murder of Bobby Kent , a young man accused of being sexually and emotionally aggressive towards his girlfriend and friends, Bully tells the chilling true story of a group of colleagues who plan – and commit – the murder of one of their own.

Watching these teenagers deal with death is truly unsettling, largely due to the strong performances by Nick Stahl as Bobby Kent and Brad Renfro as Marty, the boy who executes the murder and is sentenced to death upon conviction (although he eventually gets killed). reduces him to life imprisonment).

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