This year 2022 Comedy Movies that we leave behind has given us many reasons to need good cinephile sessions full of laughter, lightness, and a sense of humor. And it is that the terrible consequences of the expansion of COVID-19 throughout the world cried out for a little levity, to forget about the problems for a couple of hours and simply enjoy with a smile in front of the movie theater (or in the living room).

The films that can achieve this are not just Comedy Movies in the strict sense of the term, but they have everything: animated family adventures, time loops, body changes, black humor, fast-paced action, long-awaited sequels …

Titles like ‘ Palm Springs ‘ stand out, one of the surprises of the season that shows that Andy Samberg is still one of the funniest people in the industry and that in this film he offers us a kind of ‘Trapped in Time’ with many surprises. Also ‘ Erase the history ‘, a little French gem that makes fun of technology and social networks and imagines revenge against them (a subject that comes very close to hand), and ‘ The Mitchells against the machines ‘, an animated film that bears the stamp of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller with great family adventures, a sense of humor and fast-paced action (possibly one of the best animated films in history ).

The other bodyguard 2 ‘, for which they have signed Antonio Banderas, and ‘ Free Guy ‘, Ryan Reynolds’ latest prank in the style of ‘The Truman Show’.

We review the comedy movie premieres in 2022, those that have already been on the billboard, and also those that arrived via streaming. Now, it is clear that when we separate by genre we always face some difficulties.

It is very difficult to find a movie purely of a single genre: the reality is that, as we pointed out before, there is comedy in action, romance, or even horror movies (aren’t Marvel movies also a mix of comedy?), but we will try to collect here those productions where what stands out the most is the comic component.

This way you will know which are the titles that we are fervently pursuing in 2022 when what we were looking for (or needed) was to laugh until we said enough. Check the titles, release dates, and other details in this list. What was your favorite comedy of 2022?

The Covid continued to roam and mutate freely and our life has not changed since the disastrous previous year, but we are not going to deny that thanks to comedy we have had time to relax and forget this great shit in which we are involved.

Another year of shit, but at least there are laughs

Comedy is true health, and from here I would like to remember the films that have made me laugh and enjoy the most from a comic approach. Emotional at times, brutal at others, comedy has always saved our lives. And I would dare to say that now more than ever.

I’m not going to go any further and I’m going to start this annual review of the comedies released in commercial theaters or on platforms throughout this year, including a special guest that isn’t exactly a typical comedy, or a feature film. Not even a comedy show. Well, come on, I’m lost. God save comedy.

As much prestige as the drama has, let’s stop pretending that it’s what we like the most. If you’ve had enough of true crimes, biopics, and heartwarming tragedies, it’s time to take a break. Also, the real world isn’t very pretty right now.

There are times when you have to laugh and Netflix has a long list of comedies for you to get it. And even more so now that we are in our homes trying to stop the damn coronavirus. Laughing is a good antidote to fight boredom.

Yes, because there are simply nights that you don’t want to hear about good or bad movies, wars, murders, or terror, you want to have a good time and laugh. With this pandemic environment, we can think of nothing more recommendable than watching something on TV that is the complete opposite of the drama that the news programs show us day after day. It is not simple escapism, it is a way of living, of living better.

We need to spend our nights watching gangs of friends who mess up or mess up, messed up parents, idiotic cops whose shit ends well, and not opening newscasts. We need to remember Brian, a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth but much nicer.

We need to live a Halloween like Adam Sandler’s Hubie or solve crimes at sea like the latter and Jennifer Aniston. Beyond superheroes erased by a snap from the face of the earth or gods who rise up in a gray and desperate world, we are left with Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in Thunder Patrol. The only Basque conflict we want to hear about is based on counting up to eight surnames or, well, on the national team winning the World Cup in front of the eyes of the Fe de ETA commando.

Here are some of the best and funniest comedies you can find right now on Netflix Comedy Movies. We’ve put together a hybrid selection that caters to all tastes, from quality comedies to great directors to last-minute nonsense. The order is just as absurd: we start with a hodgepodge of the most recent additions to the catalog and end with the really good ones.

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