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Let’s be honest from the start: there are going to be injustices on this list. It is impossible that they do not exist in a year in which animation movies has shown that it is in the best possible state : there is no month without series, movies, short films or even video clips that do not attract the attention of cartoon fans. And trying to summarize the entire year in just 21 titles means that, undoubtedly, some essentials are going to be left out.

For this reason, in this list we will try to make room for as much animation as possible: not all Disney, not all anime, not all Netflix, not all alternative animation. Out there are series and movies that any other year would have sneaked in without problems and that are worth mentioning: ‘Beastars’ season 2, ‘Alive’ and its great prologue, the unfairly ignored ‘Ron gives error’, the new batch of ‘Love, death, and robots’, the metagames of ‘Big Mouth’ season 5, the lavish 1000th chapter of ‘One piece’, the new series of ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’, the unjustly forgotten ‘Raya and the last dragon’, ‘The dragon of wishes’, ‘Words that bubble like a soda’, ‘Pompeo : The magic of cinema’, the two specials of ‘South Park’ or the end of ‘F is for Family’ are left unfairly aside in an overloaded year.

The great movies, short films, and animated

These thousands of recommendations that you have below are to take it easy, enjoy the different animation styles, explore the possibilities and check something that most of us already know: animation is not a genre, but a medium.

Likewise, we remind you that you can consult the 2020 list, which reviewed the most outstanding animation of the past decade, or other lists of this year such as the best films of 2021, the one dedicated to action cinema, the fantasy genre, horror, the comedy or the great series of the year.

This year has been busy in terms of Animation movies premieres, and here we review the 10 best-animated films that this 2021 that is ending has given us.

The arrival of the pandemic put the film industry in check, with numerous shoots having to stop their productions and so many titles staying in the freezer or postponing their release dates until the situation in movie theaters improved.

In the field of animation, the development of many productions was fortunately not affected and creative teams were able to work from home, with some releases this year being developed entirely outside the studios.

And it is that 2021 has been a very varied year in terms of animation premieres, both in series and in movies, and it has left us a very juicy catalog of premieres both directly in streaming and in theaters.

That is why we bring you this list with the 10 best animated films that 2021 has given us, including some that have been released in our country during the year and also some that we have not yet been lucky enough to enjoy here but that is very close to reaching our screens.

Walt Disney Pictures movies, from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ (1937) to the recent ‘Charm’ (2021), have accompanied the childhoods of many generations. The best? His classics are so immortal that it doesn’t matter that the two films mentioned are more than 80 years apart.

That is the true magic of Disney: the ability to create a film legacy as diverse as it is perennial, with Broadway-worthy musicals (those songs, those musical numbers, those raw emotions…) and adventure stories that would make you cry. to Jules Verne, despite the fact that there are aspects of his films (such as ‘Peter Pan’ or ‘Dumbo’) that have not aged well at all. Like everything, you have to put them in their context and keep their virtues.

To celebrate the incredible amount of classics that the studio has left us (so far), we have decided to rank all of its animated films from worst to best. Mission Impossible? A bit. For this reason, we resort to popular wisdom and use user ratings on the IMDb platform, the most complete database in the film industry, to compile this ranking.

Thus, we discover which is the best-valued movie by the public or the best Disney movie of all time (a clue: it is among such incontestable classics as ‘Aladdin’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Mulan’) and also which recent movies (including ‘Zootopia’, ‘Big Hero 6’ and ‘Wreck-It Ralph’.

There is also room for one of his most recent releases, ‘ Encanto ‘, a magical adventure with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda that is a tribute to Colombia, while talking about the importance of accepting what each person is like, especially within a family that says united. It has also ended up being one of the best films. Disney never disappoints!

Be careful, we leave short films out of this ranking (they would deserve their own list!), sequels (nothing like ‘The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea’ or ‘The Return of Jafar’), spin-offs (such as those starring by Tinkerbell) and the remakes (not only the real action ones, of course but also films like ‘Fantasia 2000’). Well, in this list we are left with the original animated feature films, among which we find some of the best-Animation movies films in the history of cinema.

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